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The Cadet Oath

"I pledge that I will serve faithfully in the Missouri state guard engineers Civil war cadet program, and that I will attend meetings regularly, participate actively in unit activities, obey my officers, nco’s and wear my uniform properly, and advance my education and training to prepare myself to be of service to my community, state and nation."

The Honor Code

"We will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate among us anyone who does

General Orders

  1. To take charge of this post and all designated property in view.
  2. To walk the post in a military manner, keeping always on the alert and observing everything in sight and hearing.
  3. To report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce.
  4. To repeat all calls from other posts.
  5. To quit my post only when properly relieved
  6. To receive, obey and pass on to the sentinel who relieves me, all orders from the commander, officer of the day, officers and noncommissioned officers of the guard.
  7. To talk to no one except in the line of duty.
  8. To give alarm in case of fire or disorder.
  9. To call the sergeant of the guard in any case not covered by instructions.
  10. To salute all officers and colors and standards not encased.
  11. To be especially watchfully at night and during the time of challenging to challenge all persons on or near the post.
  12. To use no force or show of force in the execution of my duties