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Minutes of meeting M.S.G.E.

Minutes of meeting M.S.G.E May 23 2002 7.23PM

Samuel Kuder,President
Sam Kuder,Board Member
Robert Gaebe,treasurer
Scott Buckholz
Board Member
Dave Lamson
Daniel Reed
Don Britton
Noel Crowson

Meeting called to order

Welcome Back Dave Lamson Welcome New Member Noel Crowson

Treasure Report N/A

Sales of hats and stickers still have both
Engineers have 2 toe vechiles thanks to Sam, Samuel & Lewis-Bade
Checking with 2nd Srgt. Father to have a knife made for a raffel
Srgt. Lamson asks how uniform guidelines is going


Motion made for engineers to stay as is made Major, 2nd Pvt Reed Motion Passed

Discuss Noel Movie, Check out Noels New Web-Site

Motion Made for engineers to attend Danville Reenactment and make Danville Mandtory Made Major, 2nd Don Motion Passed

Noel Reminds engineers of kids day at danville must be there per request of teachers.

Motion Made not to attends Leesburg made Dave, 2nd Major, motion passed

mtion made not to attend Athen's Made Samuel, 2nd Major motion passed

Still looking for wagon master, Dave has some one intrested will contact

Discussion for another training day for engineers no date set yet.

Discussion of email before event to know who will be attending

Motion Made to end Meeting made Capt, 2nd Major motion passed